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Are You An Experienced Operator Ready To Run Your Own Show?
Then this opportunity is exactly what you've been looking for...
But first a little bit about us.Who Are We?
Jason here, the founder of We Outreach. We work with top-notch content websites to grow their Google traffic.
We do this through a process called “link building” - securing links to our clients' websites from other websites in the same industry.
There are many other link building agencies out there. We separate ourselves by building high-quality links from relevant websites that receive organic traffic.
While that's the Holy Grail of link building, it's also very hard to do. So not many other agencies are able to do what we're doing.
But it's also why serious content website owners turn to us when they need help with link building. In fact, we're so popular that there's usually a waiting list for our services.
We've seen rapid growth since we got started in 2018. Still, our goal for the upcoming 12 months is to double our capacity. And we won't stop there.
While we're not set on the exact goals for the long-term yet, one thing is for sure: they will be big.
Whether that's running a content website empire or expanding our expertise into even more profitable areas than link building (or maybe something entirely different), the most exciting part of our adventure is still ahead of us.
We need the know-how of an experienced operator to get where we're going. That's why we want you to join our team as Chief Operating Officer.
But what's in it for you? Why would you want to join us?6 Reasons To Join We Outreach As Chief Operating Officer
1. Scale A Wonderful Business
What separates a great business from any other is the quality of its offers. This is true for both giants, like Apple and Amazon, and smaller companies, like We Outreach.
We're glad to say that we do offer something that brings extraordinary value to our clients - and is very hard to replicate.
Because of how Google's algorithms work, backlinks are the lifeblood of any website. As soon as you start improving your backlink profile, you see outsized returns on your efforts.
And with higher quality links built, you also get higher returns. Experienced website owners know this and that's why we are their go-to link building experts.
We have the makings of something great. It will be your job to scale our magic and bring it to even more website owners.
2. Have A Huge Impact On Our Company
While maintaining a waiting list for our services is great for positioning, it is also leaving a ton of money on the table.
With how impactful our service is and with how many website owners want it, we have the potential to be much bigger than we currently are - in size but, most importantly, in revenue and profit.
Our issue is capacity. But as soon as we solve this, we'll reach new heights.
If tackling this challenge sounds like your thing, we want to work with you. And you will quite literally be the hero of our company.
3. We're Just The Right Size
Your skills are in high demand. So it only makes sense that you join a company that is the best fit for you.
And we might just be it.
We are large enough (a team of 9) to provide you with an adequate, yet solvable challenge.
But we are not so large that you will have to deal with problems that many bigger companies face (e.g. losing their entrepreneurial spirit, bureaucracy, office politics, etc.).
You'll be joining us at just the right time.
4. Run Your Own Show
While I'm proud of my personal impact on the success of We Outreach, I also know my limitations. And operations is not a strength of mine.
Besides, if there is someone who can do the job as good or better than me, why wouldn't I let them? Micromanaging is the last thing I want to do.
Of course, I will support you in any way I can - I won't be disinterested in your work. But you will have a lot of room for your own initiatives and decisions.
Join We Outreach, and take full ownership of your role.
5. Work Remotely And Set Your Own Schedule
At We Outreach we understand that work-life balance is important... and that great people don’t necessarily do their best work by banging their head against a monitor for fixed blocks of 8 hours every day. We take our work seriously, and will only add dedicated and hardworking folks to our team. But you’ll also have the flexibility to design a schedule that allows you to do your best work and drive results. Our team is mostly based in Central Europe, and is generally active during the CET daytime.
6. Join A Team Of A-Players
You’ll have seen by now that this isn’t your average job advert. And that’s because we’re not looking for average team members.
Our team is small, and every individual is a strong performer who handles their responsibilities and hits their goals.
Our business runs well, thanks to everyone on the team pulling their weight and having each other’s backs.
When you join We Outreach you’ll be surrounded by other top performers. But do you have what it takes to get this job? Read on to find out...What Will You Do At We Outreach?
There are two main areas we will need your help with: growing our capacity and maintaining operational excellence in the process.
Growing Our Capacity
While that's a subject for a more detailed discussion, we see several avenues for rather quick growth here.
Improvements in the effectiveness of our outreach emails, how many emails we can send every day, and how many clients each of our team members can serve will be huge for us.
We have many ideas to try. We need your bandwidth and experience to execute them, then scale the successful ones.
Operational Excellence
A few things come to mind here:* maintaining link quality standards;
* delivering for clients on time;
* client handling and reporting;
* HR: hiring decisions, staff contracts, vacations, performance reviews, salaries.
Besides advancing our business directly, handling these responsibilities will also free my time to focus on strategy, team culture, and marketing. So the indirect benefits will be at least as big as the direct ones.
Your Salary
At this time we are willing to offer up to USD 5000 in monthly salary with 4 weeks of yearly paid vacation.
If you prove yourself over time, we have no issues with raising your salary to match your contribution to the business.What We Expect From You

  • You have experience and a track record of success in a similar role. Ideally, in scaling a digital agency.

  • You are a great manager of people.

  • You are highly tech-savvy.

  • You can pick up new skills quickly and have a hunger for learning.

  • You have experience with online marketing (not mandatory but will be considered an advantage).

  • You pay close attention to details and are organized, reliable, and communicative.

  • You are a bright, hardworking, and resourceful individual.

  • You are straightforward and honest.

To be able to collaborate, we expect we won't have more than a six (and ideally less than a four) hour time difference.
This is a full-time position, and we expect your full focus and dedication.

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