Ember.js - Lead Web Application/UX Developer

Posted Nov 19, 2020, 16 views
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VendNovation is seeking a mid-level to senior-level EmberJS software engineer. In this role, you’ll architect and implement the front-end of a new (top secret!) mobile web product launching later this year. You’ll lead the creation of a brand-new mobile web experience, while referencing existing UX designs we’ve already deployed on other platforms. You’ll also be given a CSS stylist, who you can task with ensuring screens look as they should, freeing you to go fast and focus on implementing UX logic. The system will communicate with our back-end business rules through RESTful APIs, which you can have a hand in designing with our back-end engineers.
We’re open to remotely located applicants, assuming you’re in a similar time zone (Pacific) and can travel to our offices periodically for meetings.
Required Qualifications
· 5+ years engineering experience
· 2+ years EmberJS 3 experience
· ES6
· Ability to mock APIs in Postman
· Familiarity with test-driven development
· Familiarity with publishing NPM packages
· Git
· Experience with REST APIs
Bonus Experience (not required)
· Familiarity with Typescript
· Experience working with a UX designer
· C#
· AWS Lambdas
· Dapper
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $75,000.00 - $110,000.00 per year

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