Backend Developer

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Hello there!At Spline (, we are building a design tool to create 3d content for the web.
We are a team of two, and we are just starting. We are looking for someone who can help us solve Spline app technical/graphic challenges.
🌈 We are passionate about building visual tools and solving creative challenges.
What's the job?- Plan, design, and develop backend components.- Code/Build/Design scalable architecture/processes for our design tool.- Work closely with front-end developers and help us solve the technical/graphical challenges.Note: We are a small team! So we don't have a hierarchical structure as is common in big companies, this means that daily work with us could be very different from corporate/established work you may have done before.
Required experience- Experience (4+ years) with Backend development (Please share real-life projects you worked on).- Experience (4+ years) with NodeJS(or Go)/AWS/Lambda/REST APIs/PostgreSQL.- Understanding of architectural design/patterns.
Optional experience- Front-end experience (Like React, Svelte, Angular or others).- Experience backend development for computer graphics related projects (Games/Image Processing, etc.).
Why working with us?🧩Our goal is to rethink the design process: 3d first, realtime, always, and interactive. There is so much tech progress happening, but the creative tools available are still the same: hard to use, technical, not web-based, and costly.
If you are interested in the creative world and love working in backend challenges, you will get fun!

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