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Posted Jan 9, 2022, 18 views
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Time zones: SBT (UTC +11), GMT (UTC +0), CET (UTC +1), EET (UTC +2), MSK (UTC +3), AST (UTC -4), FKST (UTC -3), CVT (UTC -1), WAT (UTC +1), SAST (UTC +2), EAT (UTC +3)
Founded in London, UK, Series Eight is a remote, award winning digital agency. We’re looking for a full-time Creative Front-End Developer to join our growing 20+ person team. You’ll be leading project management tasks from briefing to launch on our brand, website and e-commerce projects.

Looking for:

We are looking for a Creative Front-End Developer, someone that is excited to work alongside a team of talented creatives, and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty building out challenging projects. You know and love the basics: semantic HTML and pure CSS (SCSS) / Tailwind.
* You dream about Javascript and have experience with a framework or two (VueJS, ReactJS)
* You have CMS experience — we currently use CraftCMS, Statamic and Shopify, Shopify Headless (Hydrogen), SanityCMS
* Your sites load lightning fast ⚡
* You know Git pretty well
* You are a positive person and enjoy communicating with both team members and clients
* You love to learn
* At least 3 years experience in industry
Our current tech stack: TailwindCSS
* VueJS / AlpineJS
* ReactJS / NextJS
* CraftCMS
* Shopify
* SanityCMS
Bonus points:
* You enjoy bringing sites to life using CSS animation/animation libraries
* You have open-source code on your Github profile.

Perks: Remote team building events
* Personal time for personal projects
* A budget for learning
* Yearly team trips
* Pension (UK Team)
* Flexible Hours
* Long Christmas Holidays 🎄
* 28 Days Holiday
* Apple Hardware
£38-£55k Depending on experience.
How to Apply:* Share some of your favourite sites you have built
* Share a codepen
* Share your Github / git account.

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