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Posted Jan 12, 2022, 11 views
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We are Nebulab, the full-service eCommerce agency behind some of the world’s most disruptive digital brands.
We specialize in building bespoke eCommerce experiences for international clients across a wide array of verticals, and we lead the development of Solidus, the open-source eCommerce platform for industry trailblazers.
We’re a growing team of strategists, designers and engineers with a remote-first culture based on continuous learning, transparency and collaboration. We are bold, detail-oriented and we pursue excellence in everything we do.
Through our work, we are raising the bar for what eCommerce looks like.
We are looking for React developers to join our distributed team and work on challenging international projects, both open-source and proprietary.
What you'll do

You will design, build and maintain solid React applications with excellent test coverage. Most of these will be eCommerce applications built with Solidus.
Your won't just write code, you will take part in every step of the process: from going over requirements with your team to discussing business goals with project stakeholders. We love friendly, open-minded people that want to make a difference.
We value knowledge sharing and collaboration above everything else: you will always have a chance to propose your ideas and solutions. We're inspired by open-source values and part of your work will be writing open-source code to make the world a better place.
Want to dig deeper? Read more about how we work in our Playbook!
The ideal candidate will have experience building robust, production-grade frontend applications with a wide range of frontend technologies and deployment strategies. At the very least, we expect real-world experience with React and a static site generator (Next, Nuxt, Gatsby or others).
We value people who are empathetic, great communicators and have a passion for growing and sharing their knowledge with other team members.
Nice-to-haves include: previous consulting experience, experience with backend technologies, experience participating in and contributing to open-source projects.

Head over to our Playbook to learn what benefits we offer!

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