Researcher Developer

Posted Oct 15, 2020, 9 views
  • python
  • algorithm
  • distributed-system
  • ethereum
  • fintech
  • cryptography

Remote & full time job
We are looking for open-minded, passionate, analytical, and hard-working developers with an interest in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain ecosystem to join a highly qualified team of technical excellence for one of the most challenging projects in the Bitcoin and FinTech industry worldwide.
Our Innovation/Applied Research Team seeks to incorporate experienced developers who:

  • Want to put their theoretical computer knowledge into practice, from writing complex data structures to designing critical algorithms for network performance.

  • Enjoy writing code but also formally analyzing algorithms and protocols.
    As part of the Innovation/Applied Research Team you may have the following responsibilities:

  • Analyze blockchain designs and code from the security perspective and find design vulnerabilities

  • Design, evaluate, use, and produce PoC implementations for blockchain technologies

  • Make sound recommendations based on research findings and product performance

  • Write research reports, blog posts and scientific papers

  • Give oral presentations on key blockchain technologies in fluent English
    Experience & Skills Required

  • Requires bachelor’s degree in area of specialty, such as math or computer science

  • Senior-level programming skills in at least one programming language

  • Fluent written and oral English

  • Willing to work in a fast paced and highly agile environment

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
    Other Desired Skills

  • Subject matter expertise in blockchain and related technologies (computer privacy, computer security, cryptography, number theory, distributed systems, algorithm complexity, data structures, game theory, statistics, economics)

  • Superior analytical skills, applying conceptual models, recognizing patterns while drawing and defending conclusions.

  • Strong knowledge and passion for FinTech and financial services, Bitcoin, RSK & Ethereum, willing to work in this fast-moving environment.

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