Java Developer

Posted Jan 12, 2021, 12 views
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About You

* Proficient in Java and can confidently write, test, and deploy code. A minimum of two years experience required
* Knowledge and professional experience with the Spring Framework, including Spring Data, Spring Security, and Spring Boot.
* Experience with RestEasy or similar web service Java framework.
* Proficient in SQL and an understanding how JPA/Hibernate works.
* Understand NoSQL data storage concepts and tools.
* Very comfortable with JavaScript/CSS/HTML and other web-related tools. Interested in experience with tools like Webpack, Babel, and Typescript.
* Basic understanding of AWS/Cloud concepts.
* Find joy working on a variety of different aspects of a project from server-side backend architecture to UI experiences.
* Self-motivated, independent, but enjoy working with other smart individuals to find the best solution to a problem.
* Excellent communication skills and proficient in English.
* Understand Unix-based operating systems
* Understand distributed version control systems (git or mercurial)
* Prior experience working remotely
The Role

* The Java Developer is responsible for implementing new features, improving upon existing features and helping triage the occasional bug.
* Tasks can vary from multi-tier web applications, data analytics, performance optimizations, integrations, and others.
* You will have a lot of independence and agency, but you will be expected to seek other team members to find the best possible solution and be open to helping others do the same.
* Occasional travel may be required for face-to-face meetings. Unlikely to exceed more than 2 or 3 times a year.

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