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We have a unique and exciting opportunity for a smart and experienced strategist. They will be charged with forming strategy across a variety of Honestly clients as well as developing a superior customer experience vision and roadmap for one of Honestly’s partners.
A strategist at Honestly is involved in various engagements. Strategy is a deliverable at Honestly, oftentimes the first deliverable. A successful strategist can have big ideas and think two or three steps ahead but is able to balance that with prioritization and commitment to a plan.
Honestly clients are hungry and usually have big goals for their businesses. Where a strategist adds value is bringing clarity to a vision and exercising the discipline to subtract and focus. A strategist is decisive and continues to act as the advocate for the strategy as it’s implemented.
A strong perspective and the willingness to take input will go a long way. This role will be industry agnostic, you could jump from eCommerce to financial to education and public service over the course of a few days. At Honestly, a strategist loves to investigate. They see a story, a link, a tool or an opportunity and want to dive in and see how it could positively impact a client.
This role is full-time and remote.
Job description:

* Customer experience strategy
* Distilling & capturing the current state of the vision from CEO and fractional CMO
* Developing and executing a plan to gather input from key stakeholders on all sides of the table (credit unions, members, MAM staff, technology and marketing partners, etc.)
* Defining the ideal state of the MAM customer experience
* Producing and implementing a roadmap of how to get to the ideal state
* Advocate on behalf of the customer across all interactions to ensure a positive and delightful experience
* Client strategy
* Set marketing strategy to achieve client goals or solve problems
* Craft audience profiles, buyer personas and other audience-focused documents
* Define and present priorities based on strategy
* Build content, social media and other channel-specific strategies
* Develop messaging and positioning strategy, in conjunction with writers
* Participate in kick-off calls, client interviews and other strategic meetings
* Answer client-provided and internal questions surrounding strategic approach
* Collaborate on creative briefs, playbooks, presentations and other strategic documents
* Internal
* Work with Engagement Lead(s) and Creative Lead(s) to help translate strategy into deliverables
* Provide input on the strategy stage of projects - ensuring what the team delivers is aligned with the strategy presented to the client
* Participate in new business calls, proposals and presentations
The team at Honestly is made of people that embrace and strive for the following attributes:

  • Confident and humble

  • Self-starting and team-oriented

  • Encouraging and truthful

  • Overly-prepared and flexible

  • Focused and approachable

Experience & Qualifications:

* 7+ years of marketing experience, including strategy, planning, brand planning, etc.
* More than 1 year of experience working remotely
* Clear & effective communication, both written and verbal
* Experience communicating and collaborating with C-level executives
* Written examples of marketing strategies & plans
* Ideally, a mix of agency and in-house/client experience
About Honestly

Honestly is a remote-first marketing agency with a core team of expert leadership backed by highly-skilled creative specialists. Our lightweight, nimble teams tackle marketing, advertising and design challenges for smart, motivated clients with big goals for their businesses.

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