VP Architecture

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As VP Architecture, you will own Ebury’s services and applications architecture integrity and scalability. You will negotiate with stakeholders to deliver a good mix of tech and product improvements that yield the best user experience for Ebury.
You will contribute to the development of a transactional banking platform, focusing on receiving and issuing payments in more than 140 currencies. Our platform is a single platform (20+ Services) with 3 distinct channels for users to access our core functionality:
- Salesforce.com for our front office staff, - Online banking portal built with Vue.js and - a Rest API for 3rd party integrations.
Using tools such as Jenkins, Terraform, Sentry, Prometheus, and ELK you and your team will build and run services in a number of environments, and will be responsible for defining and achieving Service Level Objectives for your code.
Work with cross-functional product and technology teams across the company to build new features at large and multi-region scale, which will run smoothly in Docker containers on AWS ECS and Kubernetes.


* Own the architectural definition, integrity and scalability of the services and applications
* Own a technical architectural roadmap that provides a 3 year view of the evolution of Ebury’s platform
* Review and approve significant changes to the architecture of the platform
* Drive a distributed approval process for design decisions
* Uphold the integrity of the architecture and other development processes
* Manage a team of Architects and Staff/Principal engineers focus on scaling the platform
* Responsible for delivering Proof of Concepts and Reference Implementations for Architectural corner stones
* Actively work to level up the Tech team’s technical abilities, working with Team leads to provide input on the development and career plans.
* Motivates team members to stay curious and meet the quality requirements and commitments given
* Participate in tech-wide and company-wide projects
* Work with tech leads to plan dependencies and enable them to achieve their parts of the Architecture roadmap.
* Works as a key part of the hiring process for new members of their team and help to define an effective onboarding tech plan

Experience and Skills Requirements:

* Deep experience working on distributed architectures
* Strong experience gained in the Finance Sector
* Shows a broad understanding of the business context of work happening across the organisation.
* Functional background: Substantial experience as Lead Architect in a high growth business.
* Technical environment: Has delivered transformational technology programs and run large scale event-driven services stacks, is well versed in AWS and associated services; has a broad knowledge of the capabilities in GCP; has worked with event and data streaming services for example Kafka or similar; Previous experience or knowledge of eventing models such as CQRS would be beneficial.
* Defining platform growth KPIs to inform investment decisions.
* Experience in the definition and implementation of integration transactional platforms with data warehousing for business intelligence.
* Strong commercial awareness underpinned by technical expertise. First class project management skills evidenced through successful delivery of previous projects.

What we offer:

* Work on remote-first teams, so you won’t miss on water cooler conversations
* You will work remotely, but you will never feel alone. Get introduced to others via Donuts
* Live wherever you want (preferred time zone: EU and America (GMT-5 max)), but we look for stability. At this point in time, we are not open to digital nomads.
* Work autonomously.
* Keep 100% focused!
Due to our remote-first organisation and our remote-focused onboarding system, you will feel a crucial part of the team since day 1. Curious about what working remotely is like at Ebury? Take a look here and see what our remotes say about us!
If there’s something that you can do in our Tech team, it is growing professionally: thanks to our career path and our collaborative and cross-working teams, every day is a new adventure.

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