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Posted Oct 7, 2021, 35 views
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  • tl;dr: We would like to hire a Customer Support Engineer to help us address the growing number of support requests and expand the use of our CMS in the marketplace.

  • Role overview

DatoCMS is a successful headless CMS. Our clients are freelancers, agencies and companies of all sizes, that want to drop their legacy architecture to build faster, more secure and scalable websites.
To date, the whole team is involved in customer support on a daily basis. We think it is crucial to continue to maintain high quality, and to exceed our customers' expectations.
The number of daily requests continues to rise (fortunately!), and a large proportion of customers are based in the US, when the current team is based entirely in Europe.
For this reason we are looking for a new engineer, willing to work in timezone EST (or, even better EST + 2 hours). We're aiming to increase our support coverage and ensure some overlap with our support lead.
During training, which might last 2-3 months, you'll be never left alone. You'll always have someone to refer to. Also later you might have some hours where you are alone, but most of your work time will be spent with someone else of the team that can help.
We encourage and support people from all backgrounds and identities to apply.
What your typical day may look like
You will need to provide our customers support via email, Slack and on our Community forum. Occasionally you might have a call, if it's simpler to troubleshoot or understand the customer's need, but mostly it's asynchronous work.
In addition to offering general support with respect to platform functionality, you will report bugs, feature requests and interesting conversations to the development team.
It will also be very common to work on the code repositories of customer projects, both to debug any errors they report and to suggest improvements to their code.
You will have a lot of room for improving our documentation, processes and tools to provide support.

  • You write and speak fluent English.

  • You need to work in timezone EST (or, even better EST + 2 hours).

  • You have 5+ years of experience as a frontend developer (and with modern JavaScript in particular). Preferably, you have already worked professionally with Jamstack technologies (Next.js, Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, etc.);

  • You’re a natural and articulate communicator, able to liaise with customers in high volumes over email and calls.

  • You know how to work independently and take accountability.

  • You like understanding how things work and getting to the bottom of the problems. You like helping other people and understand their point of view.

  • You’re hands-down, persistent, resilient, thorough and patient with a solutions-focused approach.

  • You’re eager to work both autonomously and as part of a team where everyone helps each other, collects insights and contributes towards the team’s progress and growth.
    Why you might want to work with us

  • We're tiny, so there are no layers of bureaucracy to work through. You can have a huge impact here.

  • We rarely have meetings.

  • You'll have a front-row seat at an early-stage, fast-growing company. If you hope to start your own thing someday, this could be good preparation.
    Why you might not want to work with us

  • We're still figuring out how we want to run the company, so some processes are missing or unrefined. If you need a lot of structure to thrive, this might not be ideal for you.

  • We're a bootstrapped company, rather than VC-backed, so we don't offer equity as part of your compensation — but we can discuss profit-sharing.

We're looking for someone great, not someone cheap. If you're expensive but incredible, we can make it work.* 100% remote work, flexible working hours
* Base full-time salary: 50k USD (per-hour rate w/time tracking)
* We are open to part-time agreements and also flexible schedule. You'll need to commit to a schedule, but it can be drawn around your needs. We all work on different schedules already and also part-time.
* You'll need to be a contractor if you are outside Italy, as we are a remote-only company based in Italy.

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