Machine Learning Engineer

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The role

Tired of sacrificing engineering quality for speed? Or being in a data science role that isn't about algorithms at all?
Join our Machine Learning team and work on exciting ML and Engineering challenges every day. Work together with academic scientists on cutting-edge algorithms for gene and metabolomics analysis and contribute to important open-source projects.
Take on a lot of responsibility: From researching the best algorithms, designing systems, to scaling your solution to millions of requests per day.
You will like the role if you want to* Hone your skills as an engineer.
* Work on hard, interesting, and meaningful algorithmic challenges.
* Work remotely from anywhere in the world.
* Get stuff done and try ideas โ€“ with 0 bureaucracy.
* Go on team adventures around the world, twice a year.
Skills you will need* Excellent communication skills.
* Solid Engineering Background (2-4 years development experience).
* Familiarity with Python, AWS, Docker and Kubernetes.
* Bonus: Familiarity with Machine Learning and MLOps.
Skills you will learn* How to plan, design, and implement good software.
* How to build machine learning systems.
* A lot about medical research (metabolomics, genetics and proteomics).
Compensation* 2.400 โ€“ 4.500 โ‚ฌ / month, depending on your experience and location.
* A lot of company shares โ€“ and equal shares in yearly profits.
* Unlimited contract, >20 days paid holiday, and team holidays twice per year (we usually go sailing).
* Whatever hardware you might need (e.g. Macbook).
How to apply* Step 1: Fill out our ML Engineer questionnaire:
* Step 2: Complete a small online Code Challenge.
* Step 3: 1st Interview with our CEO
* Step 4: Machine Learning engineering code challenge
* Step 5: 2nd Interview with our CTO and a senior engineer.
* Step 6: Offer
Junior ML Engineers ๐ŸŽ“
We also hire exceptionally motivated and talented junior ML engineers. If that's you, apply and we will be excited to review your application.
Learn more about our work and research* What it's like to work in our team:
* Our open-source library for metabolomics researchers:
* Our open-source MLOps Platform:
* Our blog:
About Us* We are 15 Machine Learning Engineers from all over the world (US, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Poland and Germany)
* Growth rate: 100 - 200% per year

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