Senior Backend Engineer - EU/South Korea

Posted Nov 26, 2021, 33 views
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Time zones: SBT (UTC +11), GMT (UTC +0), CET (UTC +1), EET (UTC +2), MSK (UTC +3), JST (UTC +9), CST (UTC +8), WIB (UTC +7), MMT (UTC +6:30), BST (UTC +6), NPT (UTC +5:45), IST (UTC +5:30), UZT (UTC +5), IRDT (UTC +4:30), GST (UTC +4)
Job description

Hi there! We're hiring a new person for our Integrations team. Although we need you to know some of the things right from the start, we ultimately want a person who will add something to the team and that can mean a lot of things. That said, even if you don't fill every checkbox, please apply, and let us be the one to decide.
Here are some of the things we expect you to take on as a Backend Engineer in our Integrations team:* Learn, understand and use 3rd-party APIs to extract data from different billing services
* Collaborate on tackling problems, designing solutions, and implementing them
* Create an understandable testing suite
* Look for new ways to optimize bottlenecks in our architecture
Job requirements

Professionally* You have 4+ years of experience
* Good knowledge of software development fundamentals; how to structure programs and decompose problems, when to apply patterns, when and how to select the right paradigm for a task
* Working experience with Ruby
* Next to speaking English fluently, you can understand product requirements and explain your designs clearly
Nice to Have* Experience in data processing, debugging data issues
* Practical knowledge of asynchronous/parallel job orchestration such as Sidekiq, Faktory
* Practical experience with Go
Behaviourally* You're a proactive communicator; you communicate concerns and blockers early
* You're eager to learn, contribute to design, support others and inspire change
What is it like to work at ChartMogul?* You’ll join the adventures of an early-stage company and experience what it means to have an incredibly impactful job
* You’ll become part of a team of friendly, awesome, and highly dedicated people who all have the same mission: Helping companies build better businesses
* Flexible hours with a healthy work-life balance
* All employees, including contractors, receive sick days, paid holiday days, and maternity/paternity leave
* You’ll receive a great salary pack (market or upmarket)!
Application Process1. Application is reviewed
2. Initial call with our tech recruiter
3. Technical interview with our Team Lead and a team member
4. Interview with our Head of Engineering
5. Reference checks
6. Offer
This is a full-time remote position. Please note that we are only able to consider applicants who are eligible to work in the EU or South Korea at this time.

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