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Posted Sep 20, 2021, 20 views
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Bucket Listers is a bootstrapped experience marketplace where we want to help everyone explore everywhere. We want Jetsetters, Staycationers, and Remote Nomads to all turn to Bucketlisters to answer the age old question, “what we doing?”
In the past year, we’ve built a scrappy system that not only demonstrates our business model, but has allowed us to experiment and observe consumer and operations behavior to be more effective and scale. Taking that knowledge, we will be rebuilding the marketplace site from the ground up to lay the foundation for a smooth consumer experience, streamlined integration with our 3rd party partners, efficient ticketing operations, and timely reporting.
We are looking for a hands-on Architect who is looking for the opportunity to have the all-powerful first-mover advantage in decision making for the backend infrastructure and design processes. You will be setting the precedence in how our organization designs, executes, and operates.
Apply if you* Love observing data and seeing the people behind it, may they be our customers, business partners, or fellow colleagues.
* Had experience integrating with one or more of the following services
* Payment services such as Stripe / Braintree
* Communications services such as Twilio, Sendgrid, or Braze
* Auth with Google and Apple ID
* Customer Care Solutions such as Zendesk or Intercom
* Observability tools such as Datadog or New Relic
* Obsess over observability tools in analyzing access patterns where as our business grows, the way our system is utilized will change.
* Are pragmatic enough to make architectural decisions to execute quickly and onboard others smoothly.
* Are constantly thinking about how your data should be modeled in your datastore.
* Will roll up your sleeves in dig deep into infrastructure to optimize where software optimization may not be immediately feasible.
We REALLY want you to apply if* You’ve worked on e-commerce platforms and are aware of the slew of potential solutions out there
* You've seen things we wouldn't believe: we want to hear your horror stories, how you persevered, and how you’d avoid them at Bucketlisters.
* You've coalesced multiple system apis to a cohesive developer experience
* You’ve played a critical role in a growing organization to foster collaboration and personal growth.

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