Senior Frontend Developer

Posted Sep 14, 2021, 12 views
  • javascript
  • gcp

Responsibilities include:

Designing, developing and troubleshooting complex frontend systems
* Coding solutions using JavaScript
* Writing tests
* Documenting and leading projects
* Meeting project milestones and delivering working software
* Mentoring others in the proper standards, practices and procedures for software development.
* Driving technology standards forward


Be self-motivated
* Have strong written and verbal English communication skills
* Strong problem-solving and diagnostic skills
* 5+ years of experience using JavaScript
* 5+ years of experience using React or similar framework
* Profound insight of JavaScript (OOO versus Functional programming pros/cons, async styles and options, type system pros/cons)
* Knowledge of reactive programming, error handling, data fetching
* Deep knowledge of async programming
* Good experience using industry-standard design patterns, practices and cloud strategies.
* Ability to implement architectural, scalability, performance and process improvement ideas
* Good understanding of Continuous Improvement (CI) and Continuous Deployment processes.
* Good experience in tooling, like webpack, npm, yarn, etc.
* Good experience in testing, unit testing, integration and regression browser testing

Bonus Points

* Cloud knowledge (i.e. AWS, GCP,
* Vue, Svelte
* CQRS and event sourcing
* GraphQL
* Java and/or other backend language knowledge
* Python and AI/ML knowledge
* Chatbot experience
* Managed or lead a team or side projects

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