Senior Sales Representative

Posted Sep 7, 2021, 14 views

Sales position available for Blythe Natural Living Corporate Vitality Programs.
Position entails:
1) Connecting with companies that value corporate culture and want to provide their employees with the very best wellness programs.
2) Providing said companies with a deal for a stellar Corporate Vitality Program that will have them renewing year after year.
Corporate wellness programs have an ROI of 6:1 and have become very popular due to the positive impact they have on the company and each individual employee. It's a great time to be selling corporate wellness/vitality programs.
Compensation: 20% commission (Most, if not all, deals are 6 figure deals)
This job is commission only, so please do not apply if you are wanting a salary. The corporate vitality program sells for $120,000 USD (12 month program) a commission on 1 sale is 24k. The expectation is at least 2-4 sales a month. This gives our sales reps a very healthy income if clients pay in full up front. If the client pays monthly, every deal sets up a passive income for the following 11 months.
BNL also gives the full 20% commission again when the company renews their yearly contract if the sales rep is still with BNL.
Companies may pay monthly and are given a 15% discount if they pay in full up front .
Commissions are paid as the corporate client pays, so if the client pays in full up front, the commission is paid in full, and likewise, if the client pays monthly for their 12 month contract, then the sales rep will be paid monthly.
Commissions are paid on Fridays after the client invoice has been paid.
If a sales rep does not stay with BNL for the duration of a client's payment plan, the sales rep will continue to be paid commission until the corporate client has completed their program commitment under the deal done by sales rep.

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