Computer Graphics Engineer - Mobile

Posted Nov 22, 2021, 11 views

We are looking for a talented Computer Graphics Engineer to help us build the next-gen social network.

About Us

Aspyre is a community-based pseudonymous video platform for authentic and safe expression. Join us and you’ll help create a new world bridging human and synthetic interaction while solving problems that you won’t find anywhere else. We are creative, fast-paced, nimble and understand that employees thrive when their work has purpose.
Technical Requirements and Skills Strong graphics background with the ability to demonstrate knowledge in the following rendering areas: lighting, shadows, mesh processing, low-level graphics APIs, animation/deformation, particles and FX simulation, shaders.
* Understanding of 3D construction, the graphics pipeline, and graphics debugging on mobile platforms.
* Strong experience with identifying GPU bottlenecks (profiling) and implementing practical strategies for removing or mitigating those bottlenecks (optimization).
* Ability to provide creative, tested, and high-quality technical implementations that meet design requirements.
* Deep domain expertise in the area of rendering on mobile platforms.
* Awareness of how technical implementation affects performance and memory footprint on mobile platforms.
Hustle mentality and strong work ethic a must.

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