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SpinupWP is a Modern Cloud-Based Server Control Panel. Designed for WordPress. SpinupWP is a cloud app that makes it so much easier to host WordPress sites yourself. Technically, developers can use it to host any PHP site but SpinupWP is focused on making the WordPress experience the best. As one of their Twitter fans put it, SpinupWP “bridges the gap between scary self-hosting and expensive managed hosting. Think of it like a control panel for servers, but modern & with a ton of helpful guidance along the way, much of it specific to hosting WordPress sites. Setting up and managing a server yourself can mean a lot of manual work for a developer. Now out of beta, SpinupWP has handled a total of 659,510 tasks for its users since it first opened up for beta in November 2018. That’s at least 13.3 million keystrokes saved! We (Delicious Brains Inc.) also make awesome plugins for WordPress developers including: WP Migrate DB Pro – our flagship product that lets you copy your database from one WordPress install to another with one click in your dashboard. Yep, it’s that easy. If you find yourself needing to migrate databases, our customers call this one a “no-brainer.” WP Offload S3 – our plugin that lets you serve your media and assets from S3, CloudFront or your personal favorite CDN. Cue site speed benefits.
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