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Making machine and operational intelligence a reality! The future of industrial operations, from manufacturing to energy generation and anything in between, will be incredibly connected, transparent, intelligent and autonomous as companies try to produce more, quicker, at lower costs and better quality. At the heart of this transformation, aka Industry 4.0, is the data generated by billions of industrial sensors and IoT devices. This data flows in real-time ultimately feeding artificial intelligent models that unlock operational secrets related to trends and anomalies. Smartia is leading the charge in artificial intelligence solutions for industry and we are building MAIO, a digital platform that connects machines, people and artificial intelligence to help gain transparency and predictability of industrial operations. MAIO The Smartians The Smartians We are a creative and ambitious bunch of engineers, hackers and entrepreneurs who love building awesome technology that can make a difference. Our skills range from robotics and AI to industrial manufacturing and software engineering and have worked for some of the largest organisations in these fields including Google, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Morgan Stanley and Ansys just to mention a few. We are highly collaborative and curious about everything techy and are continuously trying to simplify and clarify the steps needed to achieve our goals. We love planning and creating engineering design documents but there is nothing better than getting it done and building prototypes to uncover the not known unknowns. Only after that we move to production code. We embrace change, we adapt and learn all the time. We come from all over the world, we think differently and have different ideas… So what brings us together? It’s the passion to build great products that can make a difference to society.
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