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Lifestage Solutions AG

We are a fast-paced healthcare startup, revolutionizing the Swiss home care market. Spitex organizations are in a paradoxical field of tension. In the next 10 years, we expect a doubling of the people in need of care. Spitex organizations are becoming an essential contact point for almost 10% of the Swiss population. The outpatient care market is one of the fastest growing industries in Switzerland. From an entrepreneurial point of view, this initial situation sounds enormously promising and exciting. At the same time, Spitex organizations face seemingly unsolvable challenges. The cost pressure on Spitex organizations is increasing. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the necessary personnel to carry out the care. The end customer has access to a wide range of service providers (public & private Spitex organizations) which increases the demand for good care. The need for care is increasing but the financing, as well as the execution of the care, is by no means guaranteed. Lifestage Solutions AG is a Swiss startup company dedicated to precisely this area of conflict, specifically supporting public Spitex organizations. We ask ourselves the following questions: How can Spitex organizations continue to deliver the same quality of service in less than 10 years with fewer employees per person in need of nursing care? Is it possible for Spitex organizations to be self-sustaining (all costs covered by their own resources) without Spitex organizations incurring additional administrative effort?
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