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JLS Trading Co.

What’s JLS Like? What’s JLS Like? 1. You Can Be Yourself. You don’t have to put on a fake, professional face. You can just be yourself. You can talk shit to the CEO, and no one will think anything of it. You don’t have to dress up, or use formal language, or pretend to be something you’re not – you can just be you. 1. You Can Be Yourself. 2. Major Opportunities for Career Growth. We are not trying to just be a small business. We plan to be doing 9 figures annually in the next few years. We promote quickly once we identify talent. It doesn’t matter what your credentials are – it matters what you get done. If you’re smart, capable, and ambitious, then we will keep giving you more responsibility (and money) until you say uncle. We’re trying to get huge, and if you want to make a difference and be continually challenged with new opportunities, you’re gonna like it here. 2. Major Opportunities for Career Growth. 3. Strongly Anti-BS. Anybody in the company can (and is expected to) tell the CEO when he is wrong. There are no bureaucratic or BS rules getting in the way of getting work done. In fact, it’s mandatory to tell the CEO to go fuck himself within two weeks of getting hired (seriously). 3. Strongly Anti-BS. 4. Complete Work/Life Balance. If you’re routinely working more than 45ish hours, you’re gonna get a friendly talking to. We want you to be operating at 100% capacity, which means that you need to rest. 4. Complete Work/Life Balance. 5. Full Time Remote. Work from home 100% of the time. Imagine never having to commute again. Get long stretches of deep, focused work, then play with your dog, all while not wearing pants. Note: This doesn’t apply to inventory/manufacturing jobs, though we wish we could figure out a way to make it work. 5. Full Time Remote. 6. No Micro-Management. Once you’re trained and have demonstrated you know your stuff, we are pretty hands-off. In fact, if you need external management to stay on-task and motivated, we probably aren’t the place for you. 6. No Micro-Management. 7. Flexible Work Hours. This doesn’t apply to all jobs (warehouse/production jobs by their nature have to be more scheduled), but in general, we don’t care if you work 10 hour days 4 days a week or want to catch up on the weekend, so long as you put your hours in and get your work done. Kid sick? No problem. Need a personal day? You got it. Want to start your day at 10 AM like our founder, who also takes a nap every day (he claims he works late, but I’m skeptical)? This is the place for you. 7. Flexible Work Hours. 8. Supportive Environment. We don’t operate via intense stress or unreasonable top-down deadlines. Everyone wants you to be successful – internal politics are at a minimum here. Everyone works hard, but is 100% happy to help you if you’re running into trouble. 8. Supportive Environment. 9. No Dress-Code. I suppose you technically have to wear clothes, but I can’t say that anyone has tested this rule yet, so it may not officially exist. 9. No Dress-Code. 10. No Assholes Allowed. We try very hard to screen out toxic people before they get in, but in case they slip through, we fire them quickly. Imagine never having to interact with dickheads at work? How nice would your life be? We legitimately offer that. 10. No Assholes Allowed. 11. Regular Feedback/One-on-Ones. Every employee in the company does a planned One-on-One with their manager weekly or semi-weekly for some roles. We don’t bullshit, so when you’re fucking up, we tell you, so you have a chance to get better. And when you’re doing well, we do our best to tell you, so you aren’t living in constant anxiety. 11. Regular Feedback/One-on-Ones. 12. We’ll Invest in Your Training. We want you and everyone to get better constantly. You’ll be learning new things all the time, and are strongly encouraged to invest time every day to learn new things, improve your system/work process, and just generally try to make your life easier. 12. We’ll Invest in Your Training.
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