👌 Remote Friendly
📅 2014
✈️ Malta
👯️ 51–200 employees
💼 data & analytics, saas, web technology
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The fast & visual way to understand your users Hotjar is a powerful product that reveals the online behavior and voice of a website’s users. By combining both analysis and feedback tools, Hotjar gives the ‘big picture’ of how to improve a site's user experience and performance / conversion rates. Our team work on the compelling challenges that come with large-scale web traffic and analytics, on a product that has a real impact on the thousands of users we support around the world. We work in an agile environment, 100% remotely, and  actively encourage both personal and professional growth; always be learning is one of our core values. Headquartered on the beautiful island of Malta, in the ‘heart’ of the Mediterranean, Hotjar is a successful start-up that operates on a fully remote basis, and with a key emphasis on personal development. Spread throughout the Americas, Europe and Africa, our team casts a wide net across a multitude of locations, lifestyles and backgrounds. It’s our differences that make us interesting, and our shared belief in Hotjar’s core values that bind us together. Hotjar's culture is driven by respect, transparency, collaboration and direct feedback. We have no room on our team for disrespect, office politics or discrimination of any kind. We're obsessed with communicating with our users as well as within the team. We hate bureaucracy and slow moving organizations – but we're suckers for well-defined processes. We love lean, iterative improvements, and success is measured by the value we create for our users. Find out more about our product on our company site (www.hotjar.com) and product roadmap (docs.hotjar.com/v1.0/page/roadmap). Learn more about our company culture and what it's like to work at Hotjar on our careers site (careers.hotjar.com) and company blog (www.hotjar.com/blog).
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