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Simply put, the most complete, user-friendly and performant Headless CMS DatoCMS is a headless CMS. The product was born 5 years ago into our web agency because we were big fans of this emerging technology, but we didn't like the products available at the time. We believed that by focusing on a clear and simple interface, focused on the real use cases we encountered every day in our work, we could create a tool that both developers and content creators would actually enjoy. We started the company with our own savings and hired our first full-time employee just two years ago(an awesome engineer named Fabrizio). Despite these constraints, things are working really well. We have thousands of customers all over the world, big names are using us - to name just a few: Dropbox, Hashicorp, Verizon, Polestar, Nike, Shopify - and we maintain a great pace in releasing great new features. Our revenue is growing way faster than most bootstrapped businesses and are we’re quite profitable.
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