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Wyoming ======================Who are we?======================We have multiple eCommerce brands that we sell in the health and wellness space.We are looking for an Amazon person that can help us with our marketing on Amazon as well in our product development.HelloChakra provides physical products which help empower people's health and spirituality. We are a new company that started 1.5 year ago and we are proud we are building our team and launching many products that improve people's life. ======================Who are we?====================== Our company is growing with a lot of moving variables - and we are looking for someone who wants to join the journey and grow with us! We are a 100% remote company run by two owners who are easy and flexible. You'll enjoy a no-meeting policy and most of your time will be focused on doing work rather than attending unnecessary meetings. You will have the option to grow, receive challenging things to do, and receive a platform to grow. We believe in enjoying what you do, we believe in excellence in what we do and we believe in having fun in the meanwhile. We're a small team that consists of: ⇢ 2 Owners ⇢ 2 Amazon Operations VAs ⇢ 2 Marketing SpecialistsTools we use: Tools we use: AsanaSlackLoom Asana Slack Loom
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